#1: Social Life of Homeschooling Family


Social life has been major issue for every family when deciding whether to homeschooling or not. But unlike other couples, we never see this as an issue.

The fact that Max is a loner (but never feel lonely) was actually one of the main reasons for us to do homeschooling.
For example, in a group of 5 kids, it’s gonna be hard for Max to get along with all of them. Not because he’s too shy or scared, but just picky. Chances are he’ll stick with only one or two kids. And that particular kid will be on his hot topic for weeks, because these kids must had things in particular that Max loved.

Max has different pace of playing with kids in general. And he will leave anyone else behind just because they can’t follow his pace. For him playing by himself is much better rather than to force to get along with other kids with no joys. Exactly how his former teacher told me. But unlike his former teacher, we never see this as a problem. It’s instead one of his super power, the ability to do contemplate and resolve things by himself.

He had fun seeing many kinds of people, youngs, olds, anywhere at anytime we go into places. And that will be the way he socialized.

Yes, he won’t have as much peers as other kids whose formal-schooling. And I will not try so hard to defend or mentions solutions for this because that’s indeed the fact, no matter how many co-ops he’s joining. And as long as he’s fine with it, so do we. This goes to us as parents too. And that’s also fine for us 👌☺️

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