Book: Max (Bob Graham)


This book has a very interactive images and theme (superhero) and not much words to read.
This is so far Max’s favorite book of all. Perhaps because the main character was a boy named Max.
Max was a son of the superheroes family. His parents was superheroes. His grandparents was also superheroes.
At the beginning Super Max still didn’t have any super powers at all. The whole family was worried, because Max supposedly born as a superheroes since he was born just like the rest of the family. Although Max was still kind helping his mom, dad, grandparents his little baby, and the animals, the ways he could help with no super power at all.
Until one morning an incident happened, Max saw from his window a little bird fell off of its nest on a tree. His kind heart urged his super power to emerge. Max was suddenly can fly, and so he saved the little bird from falling onto the ground. 👏
Moral lesson for kidos: It is always good to help others even with our limited ability. Our smallest act to help can make a huge different for other people.
Moral lesson for parents: every kids grow uniquely different, therefore never push or urges our kids to do things the way we or other kids do things.

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