#3 : Enlightenment Part 1


It is true that with homeschooling we need to learn to have faith on our own child. Even since they were inside my womb I always believe he’ll know when was the time to have his birthday. He’ll know when and how to breastfeed for living. He’ll know when and how to roll on his own, to sit up on his own, to put foods into his mouth, to crawl, then walk and run on his own, to talk and make expressions. All those are milestones every babies will go through, some sooner while some may be later than other babies, either way they’ll still grow as normal as the others. In homeschooling we took milestones to the next level as enlightenment.

It’s when our kids suddenly have reached an important achievement. This time Max biggest achievement was reading!

It started just few days ago. We’re not quite sure when, but it was like on one night he got an enlightenment from above, and start to read every words he saw on the books, the TV, the cereal box, the lego instruction book, and (lucky for us currently staying in Indonesia) lots of giant billboards and shops facade with big wordings through out every roads we go.

Few weeks ago Max was asking me few times: “why can mommy and daddy read, and I can’t?” We always told him: “you can also read if you practicing more and more”. While I simply answered: “just follow where my finger goes when I read for you”. I have a habit to finger-point at every words I read for him on our reading time. Although he never bother to give attention on it before, but ever since he asked, I noticed he started to give attention on where my finger went on the books I read for him.

We never teach him to read before and just like that, Max can read!

It makes me happy like crazy. Not because I’m free from my own duty to teach him reading, but also because I’ve found one proof that kids will always find their ways to learn something if we let them free. We just need to believe in them, and show them that we believe so that they will believe on themselves. This is an enlightenment for us as parents too.

Next big challenge for us will be “writing”. I’ll try the similar method, writing as many and often as possible until he started to ask “why mommy can write, and I can’t?” while giving him more and more hand motoric based activities. He’s been lazy to write, but I’m sure he’ll find his own way again this time.

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