Trip to Los Angeles 


As this is probably the longest and the furthest trip we’ll have together as family, therefore I’ll have to break the post into prequels.


So Daddy got a duty call again to Los Angeles, and this time we finally able to go along too. Yes, all of us: Daddy, Mommy, Max and Zac. I honestly got nerveous when Daddy brought this up at the first place, the part in which we’re gonna travel for 15 hours (technically more than 20 hours with all the transits and waiting time) with a super active 5 years old boy and a super clingy 8 months baby. But as we are all longing for this trip since few times Daddy went by himself, so my excitement kinda killed all my nerves out. 😝

So we need visa to travel to USA, and we decided to have them issued from US Embassy at Jakarta. Daddy doesn’t need to apply because his visa is still valid. While me, Max and Zac need to apply. Daddy got our appointment online, around 140USD/head. We just need to come to the Embassy for finger scanning and some brief interview. We got the visa approved immediately at the end of the interview valid for 5 years. I adore how generous they are for giving us 5 years. They sent our passport by courier to our home address. 👌

After comparing the flight cost, we decided to take the flight to LA from Changi Airport, the price difference very significant!

Last thing we need to prepare for the trip was comforter for when we’re on the airplane. It’s super long flight and we all need to get the children at their most comfortable condition. I’m still looking for references about travelling long flight with kid and baby, and will update my list when it’s ready. ☺️
Departure Day

So we flew from Jakarta to Changi by budget airlines. The. We continue to take the flight from Changi to Guangzhou for 5 hours, transitting there for 3 hours, then flew all the way from Guangzhou to Los Angeles for 11 hours. It was indeed a very long journey, and we tried to make it fun and enjoyable as much as possible so the kids would feel the same way too.

The great thing about travelling with baby is that we always got chance to cut the long queues everywehere we go. Thanks to Baby Zac we were always ahead on every queues wa face.

Flight was safe and comfortable. At the longest flight to LA was the night sleeping time for the us so the kids were asleep all the way (yeay!).

We reached our apartement at 6pm, weather were much colder than Jakarta/Singapore and the kids are on their

“fully-awake-and-active” hours.

We took a decent bath after the long flights and had buritos at accross the street for dinner (it was our biological clock’s lunch).

So we were fully awake and active until around 3am when the kids were finally dosed off.
Day 1 at LA: 

We woke up at around 1pm. Daddy went out to buy local carrier,while the kids were still in slumber.

When they were awake it was already 3pm. So we just stay around the block, walking down the shops and supermarket nearby.

But we learned so much about time zone and biological clock. Max was so excited to know if tomorrow morning his biological clock able to adapt ☺️. So goood nite!

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