#6 Survival Skill: Swimming

I always believe that water activities give lots of benefits for everyone, especially baby and kids.

1. It releases kids energy. Try to be on my shoes then you’ll find out how exhausting boys could be. I found out that playing at the beach or swimming pool can make channel their energy in a good way. Plus it can make them feel super tired after and dozed off for a while (then I can have a rest for a moment).

2. A lot of balancing and other motor skills can also developed when kids are having their water activities. Not to mention that breathing techniques are also a very special additional skill for them.

3. Water calms mind, body and spirits. Remember that more than 70% of our body contains liquids. Water is the most familiar earth components to our lives. For kids, more water time is good for their emotional development. Every human being lives comfortably in the water inside their mother’s sac before they were born, and being surrounded by water is the best way to remind us about our most wonderful part of lives. 

5. It creates strong bonds between the child and their parents. Feeling secure with their parents guard when they’re inside the water can create a strong bond and also strong trust relationship.

Max has a special relationship with water as he grew up around the beach area since he was born, so we exposed him so much on water like beach and swimming pool. He doesn’t have any fear being in the water. In fact we’re the one whose get scared of his braveness everytime he jump into the water. That’s when we decided that it’s time for him to get a proper swimming lessons.


And today marks his milestone on his new survival skill: swimming! Congratulation, Max!! 

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