Bandung Trip

So Daddy has work related stuff in Bandung, and we all got chance to tag along. This time will be 4D3N vacation. It’s vey short for us, but will make the best of it!

We arrived safely and happy at Aryaduta Hotel, located at Dago Street right beside Bandung Indah Plaza (shopping mall). We booked via with a very good rate for king bed plus sofa, it’s indeed a very comfy and spacious room for family with super active boys like us as kids are freely running(and crawling) around the room. It was also in high level so we got the best view over the mountains and the city.

The hotel looks rather old but it was generally very clean and neat, services was great too! It used to known as Hyatt hotel, so I’m not surprised about the very architecturally beautiful feature at the lobby. Try to stand at the lobby foyer and look up, you’ll get what I meant. 👍


After some swimming and a nap, I took the kids for movies while daddy was out for meeting. The only kids movies playing was Finding Dory, so there we were Finding Dory.  The story quite typical and pretty much predictable, just like mostly sequels are. Buy there are so mau new lovely and cute characters. My favorite will be Hank the sevenpus!! 

My favorite quote: “When something is too hard, you shouldn’t just give up…..There is always another way.” –Dory’s Dad


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