Max’s First Sleepover

We were supposed to have a break-fasting dinner with my father’s big family last night. It was about three hours driving from our place. But alas, human can plan, but Allah decide what happens, accident happened so that we have to cancel our attendance. Zac fell off of our front door terrace really hard that it cut off his forehead wide and deep. Blood was all over his face. We were hurried took him to the emergency at the closest hospital, three minutes away from our place. The wound was quite long it took five stitches. Daddy was feeling so sad and guilty that it made him cry during the small stitching operation. We all were to blame, Mommy, Daddy and Max. But Daddy hold the biggest resposibility as he was the one in charge at the moment Zac fell off. Doctor said he’s gonna be fine and I trully hope so, and that’s what I’m gonna believe. Doctor gave us pain killer, paracetamol, and antibiotics (in which we didn’t use it at all, as he was just fine after all) then we can bring Zac home. Zac due for check up in the next three days. 

So I called my sister and told her that we wouldn’t be able to attend the family dinner because it’s a long hours drive and anything could happen. She offered to fetch Max instead. Max usually would love to go because all his cousins and nieces are there, as ussual we would never let him go without either one or both of us assist him. But at one second I thought having him go would let me focus on Zac. So I let my sister fetch him and make her promise to fetch him back home. So there he was, having a long trip away from us for the first time.

My sister told me he had great time and getting along pretty well without us. 

They got carried away on the dinner until it was getting so late and decided to spend a night at the hotel there. And that means Max got his first sleepover without any of us. We called my sister and talked to Max on the phone, he sounds excited too, so we believed it should be alright. He’s with the best and most trusted person anyway, what harm will it caused, right?

It was our first night without him around too, and we felt something missing the whole night probably because we have a strong attachement parenting going on. Even Daddy kept texting my sister if Max doing alright. I kept thinking will he get to sleep without my hug just like he always asked for, or will he cry and scream when he woke up and none of us are there just like he always does. We missed him! 

My sister told me he was doing great, not fussy at all, very cooperative and very sweet too. I can’t help but feeling proud, gratefull and nervous at the same time. Because it means he’s growing up and the next time we know he’ll no longer need us anymore. Only God knows how we’re gonna really miss him when he’s leaving. Then I decided to stop thinking about it and just enjoy the moment then. 


Max told me something cute and sweet to sleep on, that it made me smiled before I closed my eyes.

I wonder why the night time at the hotel where I had the sleepover last night was so loooooong, until 30 hours! I kept waking up so many times but the morning won’t come up.

He was in a depiction of time 😊.

It was your new experience, Max!

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