#7 Project Based Learning

About a year ago, when we’re just landed as a whole family back to our hometown Indonesia, we were just a newly homeschool family. We started to join few local homeschool communities, following many homeschool blogs, and even attending countless homeschool events. All the efforts was to get information/supports and to get the answer to our main agenda while we were deschooling: Curriculum.
Hoping that it will only takes few months, or worst a year of deschooling process until we decide which curriculum to set and so we can start our homeschooling targets.
And finally, after about a year we’ve came into decision on which way we want to follow.

We’ve read and observed quite numbers of curriculums before we landed on PBL. There are lots of considerations to think about too. But our objectives was never to find the perfect curriculum, we just simply wanted the one that suits Max the best. I can say that this year was our exploration year. And the more we know and do PBL, the more we love how it suits Max the best.
What we love about PBL is that we feel it is a twice-learning-experiences for him. So he learns how to do a project while he learns how to learn.
PBL is also a dynamic way of learning. It evolves and he’s evolving along with it. And it continuously amuses him that he kept asking it for more and more. It suitable for all ages and easily tailor-made. It’s sources, tools and supporting environment are limitless.
Max learns about almost everything he may learn from separate subjects just by doing a project: vocabulary, diagram, science, art, planning, observing, sourcing, conception, analysing, calculating, budgeting, problem-solving, executing, summarization, presenting, reporting, documenting, etc. He also gains skills on motoric, socials, responsibility, literacy, emotional control, independence, leadership, management, persistence, self learning, critical thinking, and how to dig his deep interests. And most importantly, he’s doing it in a fun way, for us this is the main ingredients of self-learning journey.

*Deschooling: a period in which a switching process from formal schooling to another alternative of schooling(homeschooling, unschooling, etc)

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