Marine Cove Park, East Coast

We’ve been park hoppers like forever. Everywhere we go, we just gotta be at local playground. Different park gives different experiences, and it’s kinda cool.

East coast just renovate s spot where we used to hang out last time when we were still staying at Marine Terrace area. We call it Marine Cove now.

This park has everything we love! Kids playground with fully equipped generous sized playing arena surrounded by greenery with the background of east coast sea view, nearby toilets, and kids friendly eatery.

And then we were hungry and thursty, so we hop into the newly McDonalds.

I’m not really fans of McD, but I honestly love this newly renovated outlet. It has own-pick fresh salad, customized sandwiches, self order machine and wireless phone charger!! Cool huh!?!

And hello again seaweed shaker!!

Our besties was joining us later on, and we have very much lots of things to catch up.

We really enjoyed out time at Marine Cove and will definately come back next time.

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