Pijar Goes to Singapore

We had special guests this time! They are our Pijar friends 🙂
They were here in Singapore from 30th of November until 3rd of December 2016. Total 7 families, so all together there were 24 people roaming around Singapore for new experiences.

Special request from them was to keep this trip low cost but still can go as many places as possible. This was the first time in Singapore for some of them. So after so many re-arrangements and collecting many sources, I managed to design an itinerary that can make them get the feel of Singapore in a relatively short time. Consequences are there were lots of walking, as we were maximise public transportation as we could.

They had chances to see and experience:

  • good public transportation system
  • good city planning, great pedestrians
  • free well-maintained public spaces
  • playground and library
  • foreign language barrier
  • time management
  • racial harmony
  • great architectures
  • culinary
  • and of course physical exercise

Below itinerary you can also have a peek and try.

(this may seems like ambitious itinerary, but trust me we managed to follow with some minor adjustments)

I gotta admit, I was impressed with their stamina and commitment through out the trip, specially for the little ones. Of course a little bumps here and there were happened, like when one or two families suddenly missed track and we lost each others, or when we got additional challenge for it was raining for the whole day at Day 2, or when I suddenly had urgent deadline at Day 2, that made me worked at night, and only had 3 hours sleep while I supposed to get good rest during the exhausted runabouts with the group, ended up feeling unwell and giddy, so I only managed to guide the group for half day at Day 3. Lucky me, Daddy was always had my back. So Daddy guided the group for the rest of Day 3 while I went back home to get rest. But overall, it was a very smooth and fun trip! I hope everyone feels the same way about this.

Max was so happy, I can tell. Zac was exhausted for almost every end of the day, but still very cooperative almost all the time. We should do this more (hosting family and friends).


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