It’s OK to Have Weird Kid

Kids love to explore their surroundings as much as their own body with their own ways.

Some people (sometimes even other kids) commented that my son is weird (read: different). I used to feel ashamed or guilty whenever I let my son expressed his quirkiness in front of other people (whose not homeschooling, because homeschooling kids are just as quirky, so I wouldn’t mind). And they quickly assumed that has something to do with us being homeschooling (no social life, no peers, no friends blah blah blah). But I got over it and feeling blessed instead. Because kids will be kids and quirky kids are the most awesome (and often creative) kids!!

#Homeschooling kids are lucky because they got more chances to express their quirkiness without anyone judging them everytime (or even best, they got parents who don’t care of people judgments about their weirdo kids).

I think it’s good to let kids be kids, so when they’re become adults, they’ve done act childishly.

I second this quote from this article:

“…I think we need more weirdos in our world…”

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