It was a very hot day, we decided to stay at home. Max was flipping our inspiration books, when he stopped at the page about Zoetrope. So after we discussed, he decided to make the simple one.

Zoetrope is one of many ways to enjoy simple animation by producing an illusion of motion displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion.

Zoetrope was Greek originated, meaning “Wheel of life”.

Here's what you need:

-Art paper or construction paper, in dark color (we only have dark brown)
-Hard paper/board for base (we only have thin foam board)
-Printout of zoetrope pattern (I’ll share our printables at the end of this article)
-Cutting tools (pen knife, scissors, etc)
-Pasting tools (glue, double sided tape, hot glue gun, etc)
-Wooden/bamboo stick
-Cutting mat (optional)

Here's how to do:
  1. Paste the printables onto the art paper. If your art paper is dual tone, make sure you paste the printabes onto the lighter side, to expose the darker side.
  2. Cut the art paper following the printable’s lines.
  3. Join the printables to form a circular panel.
  4. Cut the hard board to form round base.
  5. Join the circular panel onto the round base.
  6. Poke the round base with the stick.
  7. Stick it well, we secure them by adding 2 round cutout and hot glue them together as following images.
  8. Zoetrope ready for show!

Get the printables here:
Round Base
Galloping Horse
Jump Over Balls

Dancing Dolphin

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