8 Cups A Day!

This week’s math is started with the important of drinking water everyday. It started with:

In order to keep our body to do its jobs, we need to drink 2 litres of water everyday.

Question: how do we keep track on that? Because sometimes we may forget or missed the counting.

1st Attempt

Max was asking how much water is 2 liters? So I took 2 water bottles that can contain 1 liter each. And he said:

“Wow! That’s a lot!!…
We should buy more water bottles like this, so each of us can have 2 bottles. We fill them in with water and finish them everyday. We can even carry them everywhere we go so we can drink it anytime we want”

The next day we went to Japanese Garden he carried his own 2 water bottles in his backpack and said:

“This is so heavy, I can’t carry these”

Knowingly that we might gonna spend whole day outside. So he decided to carry 1 bottle instead and said that he’ll refill it at the park (luckily there are plenty of drinking water fountain everywhere in here).

But at the end of the day when we reviewed it, we still couldn’t keep it on track, the bottle still had small amount of waters and he didn’t even refill at all.

So 2 liters of water that day was not achievable.

2nd Attempt

He fill in the same 2 water bottles. Then he took lots of drinking cups. The one that we’ve been using everyday. He fill them in with the water from the water bottles. And he said:

“8 cups! We need to drink 8 cups everyday!”

So that whole day (we were at home), he drank almost all the water from 8 cups, all at once, then he stopped and said:

“I can’t drink anymore waters, my tummy’s gonna explode!”

Then the rest of the day he just didn’t even have appetite to drink anymore.

So 2 liters of water that day was not achievable.

3rd Attempt

He just finished a cup of water. And said:

“One day has 24 hours. I just finished a cup of water at 9 o’clock. When can I drink the rest of the cups? One cup at a time, please”

So I helped him to figured out that he can drink a cup of water every 3 hours (long story long debates, don’t ask). So he drew the timing with clocks simulation. And when he finished drawing, he said:

“I guess I can still drink 2 cups before I go to bed and 2 cups when I wake up. Because at night, I don’t want to wake up at 12 and 3 just to drink a cup of water”

On our chalk wall, he drew 8 empty cups, and clock diagram for every timing he has to drink a cup of water as a reminder. He’s willing to do this everyday. And that 24 hours,  he didn’t missed any timing or cups.

So 2 liters of water that day was finally achievable!! Horray!!


So have you drink enough water today??

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