Geography Fun Day!

Geography Fun Day is back!

This year’s theme will be: Land and Water Forms.

After prolonged debate, we’ve decided to go with “Volcano”. At first we want to have “Iceberg” because we think it’s pretty awesome, but think about the models, we’re short of time to build it and if we want to do it, plus it’s gotta be with real ice (two perfectionist make a great combination) and ice will be melted by the time we reach the venue. We’ll keep “Iceberg” in mind for the next project.

However “Volcano” is awesome too!!

Plus Max is very familiar with this one, as he has to present the models by himself 🙂

While Max is still working on the models, I did some research about volcanoes and made an infographic for our page. I got a huge compliment from Max (and a big hug too!) for this one:


Will update our models once it’s ready.

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