Rifle Range Walk

A fabulous homeschool mom had this great adventure arranged for us. It might seemed like a bad day to go for tracking as it was raining cats and dogs but that just what we need for more fun and dramatic adventure, haha!

We love the site! It has a stream whereby a bunch of Forest School kids were tracking along all the way to the waterfall when we bumped into them. Not sure how the waterfall looks like because we didn’t get a chance to go there. Perhaps another time.

We spotted so many durian trees! Well obviously they name it Durian Loop for a reason. 

We trailed along the last time used to be a steam-loco train track. It was a tiny salvaged portion of the conventional railway. Interesting spot to look out for.

Zac was asleep on my chest by the carrier the whole rainy journey, but he enjoyed the railway section.

We ended up at Bukit Timah side and took an exit towards Bukit Timah Plaza to have lunch. Then headed back home.

It surely a refreshing trip and we really had fun!! 

To start the walk trail you may take a free shuttle bus that goes to Tamasek Club from Clementi or King Albert Park MRT station with the scheduled time as the following:
To end your trail, you may come back to Tamasek Club and take the same shuttle bus. Or you may also take an exit at Bukit Timah Road just like we did, and take MRT just beside Bukit Timah Plaza (Beauty World MRT station) 

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