Art Turns. World Turns.

It was a very delightful visit to the first and (probably only) Modern and Contemporary Art in Indonesia: The Museum Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (MACAN).

Art Turns. World Turns.

At the reception area was the very first moment when I saw these very strong words. As the world is always changing, and so is art. But what is the relationship between those two really? Are the changes of arts merely reflects the changes of the world? or is it the changing of world that make the art changed? The first 30 minutes of waiting before we finally entered the gallery felt so long, as I was wondering what is it all about those “turns”.

And the answers are there indeed!

The “turns” at this context was nothing but a new horizons which appears anytime we’re diverting. How or where this new horizons leads is merely subjective, but it is believed by many artists that, “something in us is activated, perhaps even actualized, as we turn” -Irit Rogoff

And in this exhibits, for Indonesia’s Modern and Contemporary Art journey, those turns are being well curated into 4 periods: “Bumi, Kampung Halaman, Manusia”, “Kemerdekaan dan Setelahnya”, “Pergulatan Seputar Bentuk dan Isi”, dan “Racikan Global”. I will not discuss in detail about these “turns” as they are very well represented by artworks born in each periods, that I wish you to come in person to view them (plus I don’t fancy spoiler!). All I can say is that each turns mark the great progress on the relationship and interaction between Indonesian and international art worlds. The way the installation took place was also reflects that we’re invited to the “turns” not only to look back and dwell at the changes which occurred in artistic practice and social world, but also initiate the attempt of embracing the nature of changes. As we all know globalization is real. And having to notice that, will there even be such thing as post-national? How should we react to the globalization without forgetting our own identity? Will Global Art be the next era that will be written in the World History of Art Timeline? That I’m curious to know and hope that I’ll still be alive to witness the beginning of this Global Art Era.

Another point to bring up is the amazing personal collections of artworks possessed by the founder of The Museum MACAN, Haryanto Adikoesoemo. They are all great pieces sewed together as a whole harmony of arts that even I can feel each turns.

Of course an apps to navigate the exhibits will be a great additions, having in a Global era. But I must say that my IDR45K really worth every pennies!!! You should come and visit 🙂

I very look forward for the next exhibitions!

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