Happy New Year 2018!!

The most exciting day it is!
Milestones, challenges and achievements, can’t never get enough of them.
The day when I promise to myself that I’ll be better than the previous year
The day when we have A Happy New Year 2018!!! 🎉
New year, new targets, new spirits!!
Every new years will be a hard reminder for me, that life does not required us to be the best, only to try our best. Because sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Either way, life goes on.
A year ago I was totally unprepared to lost my dad, my no.1 life guru.
He left with one last important message:
“If you love someone, you gotta teach them to fly like a dove, always coming back home”
At this time each year, I miss you the most, Dad ❤️ Rest in peace.

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