Upcycle Challenge by Up&Away

We’re participating on Up-Challenge, an upcycle challenge by Up&Away at Chairnhill CC.

Yesterday was the final performance and announcement of winners. We’ve submitted very close to the deadline but apparently we’ve been considered as one of the finalist to challenge on yesterday.

We’ve done lots of upcycling before. So when we knew about this Up-Challenge, we were very excited! We didn’t even know what the prizes are, we just want to do it!

So why jeans?

Coincidentally, we were just happened to had a wardrobe spring cleaning. At first we thought of doing t-shirts or shirts wearables kind of upcycling, but then, we thought we did a tote bag out of an old t-shirt, we did an apron, a skirt and a vest out of daddy’s old shirts, we did many new clothings design out of an old clothings. And then we looked at a stack of old jeans, and we thought: we never do jeans before! So then we decided to do it a away with our old jeans.

While the ideas of the new stuffs that we made out of our old jeans was just because we always thought about creating something that are usable, that we can utilise, that has functions. Specifically things that we don’t have yet of made before, like this painting caddy, hanging pockets, a pencil case (Max was intended to create a wallet for himself actually), a handbag and a kindle case.

Of course you can always buy these things, or create it with a brand new materials instead of an old materials. But then, there’s always a satisfactions and a proud feeling whenever we’ve finished up our upcycle projects. Specially if we do it together, me and Max. And it costs nothing but your time and efforts. Which is can be a productive bonding time with my kids as well.

But hey, perhaps I’m just as frugal and economical as any other moms haha!

We’re very happy and proud to be the 2nd place winner and won an awesome eco products! It was a great and

precious experience for us 🙂

There were various of free foods&drinks, performances and eco-workshops too!!

What was more, the venue was so close by Newton Hawker, so got to grab the famous popiah and pie tee there!

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