Coastal Heros for A day

We joined Max’s scout activity last Sunday, was doing a coastal cleaning at Changi Coastal Way.

Coastal heros of the day! 😎

During our 2-hours beach cleaning we managed to collect around 20 kg trashed items such as plastic bottle&caps, plastic straws, plastic ropes, cigarette butts, plastic wrappers, thousands pieces of styrofoam, plastic toys, plastic containers, and many others, in a relatively clean beach in Singapore. I can only imagine how many bags of trash will we find along beaches in Indonesia πŸ˜”

Impermanent art taking advantage of the nature, is supposed to change over time. Using only natural elements that will eventually naturally decomposed. It’s the true nature of art, and true art of nature.

Here are some of what we found earlier today at the coast walk. Some are combinations with the trashed items we collected.

#studiokotakkatik #impermanentart #naturewalk #coastwalk @ Changi Coast Adventure Centre

#singaporescouts #colugocubs

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