Our Mid-year Terms of Homeschooling

The rhythms had just settled in time when all my exhaustion reached its maximum level, haha!

The mid-year terms of homeschooling has always been a lot busier than the beginning of the year. I have no clue why, but the year-end holiday may take part on it.

I always believe in rainbows after the rains. I felt that we can see clearly now, Max’s path are keep on revealing itself, showing the the way.

He starts to feel very comfortable in his swimming club, having great friends and coaches.

He also starts to enjoying his DJ course at the new studio he just got in due to very fully-packed class. And happened to get a cool instructor too!

He get more closed peers at his Art, Science and History Club, and learn more stuffs.

Hopefully this will stay longer than I expected, just want him to learn more and more each days 🙂

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