Learning To Learn :: Michael Jackson

Being homeschooled for a while now, we’re learning to learn anytime, anywhere and from anyone. One of our many sources of learning is through movies. Documentaries are the best, but sometimes even from as commercial movies as Disney‘s, we can also learn things. And Netflix has been doing great job to cover this part, yeay!

Our big work here is to direct Max into musical documentaries, now that he’s into DJ-ing. It’s been a year since Max claimed that he wanted to learn to DJ. And I gotta say, it has been a wonderful year. Lots of training, learning and progressing. He had three different trainers with three different learning approaches&methods so far, which is great! Each of them gives different value-added. What I like about his latest trainer DJ Tomu (Japanese lives in Singapore) is that he features famous musicians on the lessons. One of the musicians that caught Max’s attention is The Legendary Michael Jackson.

I personally love Michael Jackson and his music, but to be honest I never dive into his personal life much as I had with Leonardo Da Vinci or Picasso, so I had to outsource, haha!! So we’re having Michael Jackson theme for this month learning. Trying to get Max into interesting part of Michael’s life journey, including the dark periods (just a little bit of these).

It’s surprisingly amazing how a life of a legendary musicians can teach us so many precious valuable lessons! Learning to learn about Michael Jackson is about pushing the boundaries without beating yourself out. It’s about love-hate relationship with your true-self, family, friends and environment. It’s about loving and caring. It’s about picking your own battle, and so on… the list are long.

We’re doing lap-book, collages and games related to Michael Jackson. We play Michael’s songs and print out the lyrics so we know what the song is about. Max even mixes some of his favorite songs by Michael Jackson. We watch behind the screen of music clips and concerts so we know what instruments and technologies they used. We also design our Michael Jackson’s stage costumes. It’s all about the fun learning to learn about Michael Jackson.

We are blessed with our Netflix, Amazon‘s Kindle and Library membership in addition to our google searching.

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