Probably not my most favorite topic, but it has been affecting our daily life quite significantly. It’s as we know it as 2019 Novel Corona Virus. It’s a large family virus as SARS (2003) And MERS (2012), but the world still has no clues on how and why it started. It was first detected at Wuhan, China hence they also named it China Corona Virus.

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They said that the symptoms are various, from as mild as cold&flu to severe pneumonia, depending on how your body takes it. There’s also still no cure for this, but a good treatment helps to beat this virus out of our body system. So to practice hygienes and keep our body fit is very important. Another thing is to avoid crowd as much as possible.

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I tried not to worry too much, but it seems that they found more and more infected people every day here in Singapore. And the media is also quite intimidating. But I trust that the Singapore government will respond in such a wise manner. We’re the most country in which depending on tourism, so can’t stay this way for too long now. People scared to even visiting Singapore because of this pandemic.

Just like everybody else, I hope and pray that we all go through this all well and safe.

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