The Psychology of Space

The psychology of space.

After a morning ride to Labrador Park today, we stopped by at this park nearby our block. Zac said:
“This place is smaller now!”

And I said:
“This is exactly the same place where you learn to ride your bicycle!”

So I explained to him:
In architecture and art, we call it the psychology of space (hence space as one of basic art elements). It’s about how our spatial experiences may affect how we feel about one particular space.
In this case, Zac learned to ride a bicycle in this place, made his memory remember the hardest experience when every corner of this place feels hard and far.
So when we visited back here, his first expectation was what he remembered: the hardships.
But then he’s more advanced in his riding skill, and that makes him feels different now. It feels easier, so every corner feels nearer and … smaller.

This is something that we need to dive into at every opportunity, especially with young kids.
We all know that spatial skill is one of many important keys for logical thinking.

Expressing it verbally is something that Zac can do better than Max, I must admit.

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