New Year, New Goals!

Today marks the day that we’ve been through a whole year of pancemic safely and healthy. Yeay!! Alhamdulillah.

I would describe 2020 as wonderful year full of prayers and gratefulness. Something that we often forget under normal circumstances. Hence I said it’s wonderful!

Amongst all my great achievements in 2020 is how we managed to survive on our homeschooling journey. Because at this very year, our strong bond as a family was being assessed as we were literally 24 hours together at the same place. This is something that even for a veteran homeschoolers is still a challenge!

Homeschoolers however have the advantages of get used to self-learning. So when other mainstream-schoolers and parents are frustrated about school from home, we homeschoolers are excel in that.

Our Studio Kotak-Katik however, was burned during this pandemic year. But we’re progressing with our Art Jam Sessions! In fact, we’re stronger and more solid than before. We have hundreds members doing online sessions now, and it’s still fun!

I learned to write and published three anthology in 2020:

The first book is a story about our daily life as diaspora family in Singapore. I wrote this together with many other Indonesian moms lives in Singapore. I also design the book cover!

The second book is also written together with many other diasporas moms. Not just those who lives in Singapore, but from many other countries too.

The third book is the most special, because it’s an art journal that I wrote together with other 45 members of Art Jam Sessions. It’s a book full of art knowledge and activity ideas! I design every layout inside this book! It’s a wonderful way to close my 2020!

Everything happens for a reason, and I believe 2020 means more than words can say for everybody.

I hope in 2021, everything will be better than the previous years. Happy New Year!!

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