Cycling to The Greenway

From our home at Telok Blangah, we went through Telok Blangah Road and took turn to Alexandra Road all the way to Bukit Merah Road. We started the route from Jalan Kilang Barat. Once we reached the track, we can see that the track to the east way is currently under construction, so we can only go to the west side.

We took the nearest exit, which is Jalan Hang Jebat. We stop by at Masjid Hang Jebat. This masjid was built in 1952, located in central area but somehow ulu place, we accidentally passed by on our way through The Greenway.

This exit is just right behind Alexandra Hospital, that led us to Queensway Road. From there, we went to Alexandra Road (IKEA junction), and all the way to Telok Blangah Road, to reach home.

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